Civil Defence today


Policeman with gun in front of 
        plane. SOURCE: For many years, Britain has faced a variety of threats against its peoples and government. We had the two World Wars, where the Police for example evolved to check papers and man checkpoints. We had the Cold War where the USSR was our greatest threat, with the potential for mass devastation at the click of a button. Overshadowing this, was the presence of terrorism in Northern Ireland, and since 9/11 | 7/7 we now face an internal threat from extremism.

Britain has adapted to face these threats, and this site looks at how it is responding today, to the most relevant of these, mainly terrorism and the ever present threat of nuclear war.

About this site

This site is for those interested in the less well known areas of our state, however we only publish public information which is already available. We do not wish to "expose" any agencies work and do not intend this website to do so.

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